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Our Chef and Owner....

Kristen is driven by her love of food.  Beginning as a child with a dream of owning an ice cream truck, her love of food grew into a love of cooking while she was studying fitness and nutrition at San Francisco State University and working as the Operations Manager at a gym in Oakland. 

Always active with a love of working out, she had always seen firsthand how much good food fueled her life and the lives of the people she loves.  Kristen began as a child, watching her mom make  spaghetti for family dinners and her grandma make her famous onion dip every Christmas Eve, and she saw how these dishes not only filled people’s stomachs but also their whole selves.  She went on to feed firefighters in the New Mexico & Arizona mountains, volunteer at music festivals around the country, as well as giving her time to local food charities like Project Open Hand.

Kristen believes in the power of food.  She sees how food can empower and excite people, as well as how it can bring people together.  She also believes that food can tell a story, and that people’s cultures, identities, and own stories are reflected in the food they eat.  Kristen strives to have every dish she makes tell a story, and connect with the person whose plate it is on.  

She also believes in sustainability and takes into account the effect that each plate has on the environment. Kristen only uses reusable, sustainable and compostable products.  She also uses locally sourced and organic ingredients and all meat is humanely raised.  Kristen also strives to hire and work with members of the community she lives in, and supports BIPOC farmers, bakeries, and other vendors.

A Fork in the Road came after Kristen eventually changed her initial course of study at SF State to Hospitality Management and after serving, bartending and managing in different restaurants around the Bay Area.  She went back to school to receive both her Culinary Arts Degree and her Certificate in Baking & Pastry and has cooked under incredible talent at well known places including Angele Restaurant & Bar in Napa, Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco, and Jessica Lasky Catering in Oakland.

Along with her love of food, Kristen enjoys CrossFit, hiking in the Oakland Hills with her two dogs, trying to channel her grandfather’s green thumb in her garden, and annoying her wife with constant house projects.  She is a long time Oaklander and currently lives in East Oakland with her wife, son, and two dogs


Our Events Assistant...

Sarah was first introduced to the event industry while working at Denon and Doyle DJ company during the summers in college.  She played several roles there including being a party motivator  (yes that was the title at the time!) encouraging people to get on the dance floor, to being a photo booth attendant.  After graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Dramatic Arts with a dance emphasis, Sarah went on to become a personal trainer and youth gymnastics instructor for several years.  


She always wondered what it would be like to work at a restaurant and eventually she took on a part time job at her sister in law’s pizza restaurant.  She was a part of the food industry from that moment on.  She loved working in the front of house and interacting with guests.  She realized this was truly her passion to make people happy through acts of service.  She went on to work at Saul’s Deli and eventually became a manager there as well.  


Sarah was curious about the back of house and began to help with prep tasks at Saul’s in order to learn more about the other side of the restaurant.  Eventually COVID would hit and turn everyone’s world upside down.  However it would also cause her to meet her husband, who is a chef!  A bit of a hopeless romantic, she would move away from the Bay Area to a small mountain town in the Sierras to be with him and their joint culinary adventure began! They worked together at a guest ranch and he taught her all about the back of house.  From there they had a small catering company and eventually ran a burger shack where they made almost everything from scratch!  These were exciting times, but ultimately they decided it was time to return to the Bay.  


Sarah found her next home at A Fork in the Road and realized once again how much she loves working at events and making people’s ideas come to life!  You may see her cc’d on an email, assisting Kristen behind the scenes or helping with your event! She is very honored to be a part of the team!


In her free time, she loves to get outside, spend time with her family (she's the youngest of 5 kids!) explore new places (usually food related), and cuddle her cat and her husband when they're both home. She recently planned her own wedding in May 2023 and is looking forward to the next chapter in her life!

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